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The ERP Boot Camp

The ERP Boot Camp is a workshop on ERP methods that is organized and led by Steve Luck and Emily Kapenmann. It is designed for beginning and intermediate ERP researchers—at any career stage—who would like to obtain a firm grasp of the fundamentals of ERP research.

The ERP Boot Camp takes two forms, the UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp and the Mini ERP Boot Camp.

  • The UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp is an NIH-funded 10-day summer workshop that is held each year at the UC-Davis Center for Mind & Brain. It includes lectures by several ERP experts, structured discussions, individual consultations, and a substantial laboratory component. The next UC-Davis ERP Boot Camp will be held July 20-19, 2017.  The application system will be made available by January 1, 2017 and the deadline for submission will be March 1, 2017.  Offers of admission will be made in early April.
  • The Mini ERP Boot Camp is a 2-day or 3-day short course that is initiated and hosted by a university, research center, laboratory, corporation, or conference. It consists primarily of lectures but may also include group discussions, individual consultations, and laboratory visits. Mini ERP Boot Camps are particularly useful for groups who have recently acquired an ERP system and would like to learn about the nature of ERPs, what kinds of questions can be answered with ERPs, and how to design, implement, and analyze ERP experiments.


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